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Secrets of Sports Betting

One of the main and fundamental difference in the world of sports gambling – it’s a sports fan and a sports bettor. Very often, hard-earned money on the outcome of the match is put by the people who are fans of sports, but professional bettors never bet money on the team just because they want this team to win as seasoned bettors say “Bet by head, but not by heart”. Fans live and die with the name of one team on their lips, and a pro of sports betting understand that today you support this team, and tomorrow you can bet against it. Pros simply cannot afford to associate themselves with one team.

This is especially true for bettors who bet at their local bookmakers. If you bet for a long time at the same bookmaker, be sure that he is familiar with your standard choices for sports betting. If you constantly bet on the same team, then that entire bookmaker needs – to adjust line on half-item or on the item not in your favor. This is also true for bettors who constantly bet on the favorite or the underdog, as well as more / less. Many successful bookmakers offer different rates for different bettors, which is reasonable from a business perspective. If in 80% of the cases you bet on the favorite, why not to adjust the line against you?

But if I always bet on the favorite, but then suddenly decide to bet on the underdog, the bookmaker has no choice but to offer you the original line. Many local bookmakers, who work in notable sports cities, specially adjust the line against the home team. You would think that one point does not matter, and then remember how many games in the basketball season was won with a difference of just one point. If these “draws” will turn to losses, then your profit is much lower. If for sports betting you want to choose your favorite team, then bet the minimum permitted amount.